Maize planter is a planting machine that takes corn seeds as the planting object. It can plant multiple rows of corn seeds at the same time. In Taizy corn processing machinery, we have a variety of different types of planters for you to choose from, such as 1 row, 2 rows, 3 rows, 4 rows, 5 rows, 6 row, and 8-row corn planters. In addition, this corn planting machine can realize simultaneous sowing and fertilization. At present, the machine has been exported to Nigeria, the Philippines, Pakistan, Congo, India, and other countries.

Maize Planting Machine
maize planting machine

How does corn planter work?

The main structure of the maize planter includes a seedbox, ditcher, seed metering device, fertilizer box, fertilizer metering device, soil covering, and pressing device. In the process of machine seeding, the main power of the seeder comes from the rear power output shaft of the tractor. Under the traction of the tractor, the trencher opens the soil ditch for sowing and fertilization within the preset depth. Due to the effect of friction, the ground wheel continuously rolls during the progress and drives the seed metering device and fertilizer metering device to work. They can discharge seeds and fertilizer into the ditch through different pipelines. Then, the soil covering device and compaction device is used to cover and compact the soil.

The Working Picture Of Corn Planting Equipment
the working picture of corn planting equipment

Working video of 3 row corn planter

Machine parameters

Row Spacing428-570mm428-570mm428-570mm428-570mm428-570mm428-570mm
Plant Spacing140mm-280mm140mm-280mm140mm-280mm140mm-280mm140mm-280mm140mm-280mm
Ditching Depth60-80mm60-80mm60-80mm60-80mm60-80mm60-80mm
Fertilization Depth60-80mm60-80mm60-80mm60-80mm60-80mm60-80mm
Sowing Depth30-50mm30-50mm30-50mm30-50mm30-50mm30-50mm
The capacity of Fertilizer Tank18.75L x218.75L x318.75L x418.75L x518.75L x618.75L x8
Capacity of Seed Box8.5 x 28.5 x 38.5 x 48.5 x 58.5 x 68.5 x 8
Matched Power12-18hp15-25hp25-40hp40-60hp50-80hp75-100hp
Packing Multi Row Corn Planter
packing multi row corn planter

How to use maize planter correctly?

  1. Check the machine. The weeds and soil on the machine shall be cleaned before the machine works. Check whether the rotating part is normal,
  2. Put the seeds into a transparent container and put the fertilizer into a yellow container. The seeds shall be added at least to cover the inlet of the seed metering box. This can ensure smooth seeding.
  3. Trial broadcast in advance. In order to ensure the sowing quality, we must adhere to trial sowing for 20 meters before large scale sowing. Observe the operation of the maize planter. After confirming that the seeding requirements are met, large area seeding can be carried out.
  4. Pay attention to driving in a straight line at a constant speed. When sowing, pay attention to moving forward in a straight line at a constant speed, and do not stop at once or stop halfway. This can avoid replay and missed broadcasts.
  5. Observe frequently. When sowing, the working conditions of the seed metering device, the ditcher, the covering device, and the transmission mechanism shall be observed frequently. In case of blockage, clay, the entanglement of grass, loose seed coverage, etc., it shall be removed in time. Repair, lubrication, or cleaning of entangled grass must be carried out after parking.

Advantages of Taizy corn planter for tractor

  1. Multiple models. You have a lot of room to choose the right machine for you.
  2. Taizy’s corn planting equipment has two functions sowing and fertilizing. This can save time and energy for fertilization.
  3. The machine can seed multiple rows of corn at the same time, with high work efficiency.
  4. The row spacing, plant spacing, and sowing depth of the machine are adjustable. Therefore, it can adapt to different sowing needs.
  5. Wide application range. This maize planter can be used for any crop similar in shape to corn.
Detail Of The Maize Planting Machine
detail of the maize planting machine

What is the best corn planter?

Every buyer wants to choose the best corn planter. But the best is not necessarily for you. The selection of the machine needs to be based on your actual situation. For example, some people say that an 8-line machine is the best. But the bigger the machine, the more expensive it will be. We may not be able to afford it. Moreover, if the land area is not large, it is not suitable for large machines. Therefore, if you want to choose the best corn planter on the market, you need to consider your actual situation.

Maize planter for sale in Ghana

Last month, the 1 row maize planter and corn grinder ordered by Ghana customers were delivered. This client has a small farm in Ghana. He wants to buy a suitable machine to grow corn and soybeans. He saw our machine while browsing the Internet. Then he felt that the size and function of the machine were what he wanted. Through communication with our sales representative, he decided to buy our machine. He received the maize planter and corn milling machine a week ago. He expressed his satisfaction with our machines.

Corn Planters In Container
corn planters in container


  1. What is the reason why the seed metering device does not meter?
    The reason may be that the transmission gear does not mesh, or the square hole of the seed metering shaft head and the seed metering gear is worn. It shall be adjusted, repaired, or replaced in time.
  2. Some seed metering devices do not work.
    The first possibility is that the seed shed or the seed metering device mouth in the individual seed metering box is blocked by sundries. At this time, the sundries should be removed. Another possibility is that the connecting pin between the seed metering shaft and individual seed metering sheaves is broken. Replace the pin at this time.
  3. The seed metering device is used for seed metering, but there are no seeds in individual seed ditches.
    The reason is that the trencher or seed delivery pipe is blocked. At this time, the blockage shall be removed and corresponding measures shall be taken to prevent sundries from falling into the trench opener.
  4. Sowing is intermittent and uneven.
    On the one hand, the meshing clearance of the transmission gear may be too large and the gear may slip. It should be adjusted in time. On the other hand, the spring force of the clutch may be too weak and the gear may slip. At this time, adjust or replace the spring in time.