The large scale corn threshing machine is a hot-selling thresher from Taizy Corn Machinery Factory. So far, the machines have been exported to Burkina Faso, Greece, Mexico, Angola, Zimbabwe, Canada, the United States, and other countries and regions.

The high-output corn thresher machine has a production capacity of 4-6 tons per hour. And it has the characteristics of low dust and low damage rate.

In addition to large corn sheller equipment, we also have small corn threshers and multifunctional corn threshers for sale.

Large Maize Thresher Machine
large maize thresher machine

Working principle of maize sheller machine

The working principle of the corn sheller equipment is simple. First of all, workers need to put the corn on the conveyor belt. The corn is transported via the conveyor belt to the threshing chamber of the machine. The corn is impacted in the high-speed rotating rotor and drum. The corn kernels are separated from the sieve and transported to the storage tank through the grain delivery pipe. The complete corncobs are discharged from the rear of the machine. Impurities such as corn silk will be discharged from the dust outlet.

Corn Threshing Process
corn threshing process

The diagram of the corn threshing machine

The reasonable design of the corn thresher machine is mainly composed of a conveyor belt, dust outlet, corncob outlet, grain delivery pipe, motor, and two tires. The specific parts location diagram is shown below.

Design Of Corn Thresher Machine
design of corn thresher machine

Specifications of large corn sheller machine

Model5TY-80A5TY-80B(with elevating feeder)5TY-80C (with conveyor)5TY-80D (with elevating feeder and conveyor)
Capacity(t/h)4 (corn seeds)4(Corn seeds )6(Corn seeds)6(Corn seeds)
Power15HP diesel engine or 7.5 KW motor15HP diesel engine or 7.5 KW motor15HP diesel engine or 7.5 KW motor15HP diesel engine or 7.5 KW motor
Breakage rate≤1.5%≤1.5%≤1.5%≤1.5%
Threshing rate≥99.5%≥99.5%≥99.5%≥99.5%
Loss rate≤2.0%≤2.0%≤2.0%≤2.0%
Impurity rate≤1.0%≤1.0%≤1.0%≤1.0%

It can be seen from the figure that the capacity of the large corn threshing machine is 4-6 tons per hour. You can choose machines with a hoist and feeder and machines without a hoist and feeder. But the threshing rate, breakage rate, and loss rate of the machine are all the same. You can choose according to your actual needs.

Large Corn Sheller Machine
large corn sheller machine

Features of the large scale corn threshing machine

  1. The machine can thresh different kinds of corn.
  2. Large output. This large corn sheller equipment can process 4-6t/h.
  3. Low breakage rate. The unique design of the Taizy large maize thresher machine makes the breakage rate of corn kernels very low.
  4. Low dust. During the corn threshing process, the dust removal port equipped with the machine can remove most of the dust and impurities.
  5. The cob is also clean and intact
  6. The design of the hoist and conveyor belt can save a lot of manpower, and it can also improve production efficiency.
  7. Feeding at a uniform speed will not cause machine blockage.
  8. Clean corn kernels can be directly sent to the storage bin through the grain delivery pipe.
Corn Kernels Made By Corn Thresher
corn kernels made by corn thresher

The price corn threshing machine

The price of corn thresher is affected by many factors, such as output, brand, quality, shipping cost, and country of origin, etc. Therefore, if you want to know the price of the maize thresher machine, please tell us your needs. Then our sales will contact you as soon as possible and inform you of the specific price of the machine. In addition, If you want to get the best electric corn sheller, you should first pay attention to the quality and capacity of the corn sheller machine, and the price is the second concern. Only in this way can we buy a high-quality corn threshing machine.