One row corn picker is a machine used to harvest corn. At the Taizy corn machinery plant, we have many different types of maize harvesters that can mechanically complete the work of harvesting corn. In the era of mechanized production, farmers can not only harvest corn with machines but also use corn threshers to get clean corn kernels. Corn flour can also be obtained by using a corn milling machine.

Maize Harvester For Sale
maize harvester for sale

Parameters of corn harvester

Working Speed0.75-1.44km/h
Fuel Consumption of Unit Working Area≤10kg/h㎡
Hours of Productivity0.03-0.06 hectare/h
Numbers of Blades10

The size of this small corn harvester is 1820 * 800 * 1190 mm. The weight is 265 kg. The maximum working speed can reach 1.4 km/h. The productivity per hour is 0.03-0.06 hectares. Therefore, it can meet most of the small area work requirements.

Structure of one row corn picker

The structure of single row maize harvester is compact. It is mainly composed of a frame, hopper, engine, wheel, height adjustable handle, traveling clutch, roller, and crushing device.

The Structure Of Small Corn Harvester
the structure of small corn harvester

How does a corn harvester work?

The one row corn picker has an engine. It can pick corn and store it in a basket. At the same time, the corn straw was crushed. The tires are powered by a gearbox. Two harvesting wheels and one crushing blade group are driven by another gearbox. When the machine advances, it will pull the corn straw into the header. Then the breaking blade group will break the corn straw

Corn Pickers In Factory
Corn Pickers In Factory
Corn Picker
Corn Picker

Video of 1 row corn harvester

What are the characteristics of single row corn harvester?

According to the different harvesting efficiency, there are single row corn harvester and multi row corn harvester. They have different harvesting efficiency but have the same harvesting effect.

  1. Single row corn harvesters are mainly used in small fields, hills, and mountainous areas.
  2. Moreover, it has the function of picking corn and crushing straw.
  3. Because it is a small machine, the price has a great advantage.
  4. At the same time, the machine has handrails to control the machine. Therefore, for customers with insufficient funds, this is an excellent machine.
One Row Corn Picker
one row corn picker

One row corn picker for sale

In Taizy corn machinery factory, we have one row corn picker for sale. In addition, we have many rows of corn harvesters for sale. You can choose according to your own needs. If you have other special needs, we can also provide customized services for you. Most importantly, the price of one row corn picker is affordable. So it’s cost-effective whether you use it or rent it.