As an important machine for receiving corn, there are many kinds of corn pickers on the market. Next, we will introduce the types of corn harvesters.

Ear picking and peeling corn picker

This machine is the corn combine harvester with the largest sales volume and the largest range of use. The machines on the market are divided into one row corn picker, 2 rows corn harvester, 3 rows, 4 rows, 5 rows and 6 rows corn harvesting machines according to the number of rows. Customized machine with 9 lines and 12 lines.

Two Row Corn Picker
two row corn picker

Ear and stem harvesting type

The corn combine harvester with stem and ear harvesting is the first one created by Chinese enterprises, which is not found in the European and American markets. The type of stem and ear harvesting is essentially a mixed function type. This machine is a corn stalk recycling and crushing device added to the corn ear picker, which can be used for two purposes. This corn picker can not only pick corn cobs alone, but also harvest silage and yellow corn.

Grain direct collection type

The demand for this model has increased rapidly in recent years. This machine is mostly used in areas where the moisture content of corn is less than 25% at harvest time. At present, most of the direct grain harvesters are 5-row machines, and most of them are dual-use machines for wheat and corn. The wheat model with a feeding capacity of 8kg – 10kg on the market has become a corn grain direct harvester after replacing the header and internal threshing mechanism.

Sweet corn picker

The sweet corn harvester is a combine harvester for sweet corn, waxy corn, and fruit corn. Sweet corn, waxy corn, fruit corn and bamboo shoot corn have in common that they should be harvested before the seeds are ripe, which is called fresh food corn. The fresh corn combine harvester is completely different from that for harvesting mature corn. The main difference is the header position and the internal cleaning and threshing mechanism. The fresh corn combine harvester has no threshing mechanism and only uses the ear collection box.

Mountain corn combine harvester

The mountain corn combine harvester is a corn harvester specially designed for mountain and hilly areas. At present, there are two types of mountain corn picker: wheeled and crawler. Crawler models have better trafficability and are safer to operate in mountainous areas. In addition, according to the driving mode, it can also be divided into two wheel drive and four wheel drive. It is recommended to give priority to four wheel drive in mountainous areas.