Corn Grits Making Machine is a piece of equipment designed to process corn kernels into corn grits, which are coarse particles of corn used in various culinary applications. Corn grits are commonly used in dishes like polenta, porridge, and some types of bread. This machine not only makes corn grits but also corn flour. Therefore, it is a necessary machine for corn grits processing plant.

Multifuctional Maize Grits Making Machine
multifuctional maize grits making machine

The Function of Corn Grits Making Machine

The Corn Grits Machine is a cutting-edge equipment that offers a one-stop solution for processing corn kernels into high-quality corn grits. With features like cleaning, dehusking, germ removel, root removal, black navel removal, grinding, and grading, this Maize Grits Making Machine eliminates the need for multiple standalone processes. It is even capable of producing corn grits of different particle sizes and grades, catering to various culinary requirements. If you just want to get cornflour, we have a special corn milling machine for sale.

Finished Products
finished products

Corn Grits Manufacturing Process

The operational sequence of the Corn Grits Making Machine is strategically designed to maximize efficiency. The corn grits manufacturing process commences with the removal of the corn husk, followed by the separation of individual corn kernels. These kernels are then fed into the machine’s input channel, where they undergo a series of processes, culminating in the production of high-quality corn grits. The machine’s versatility allows it to yield three distinct corn products: coarse corn grits, fine corn grits, and corn flour.

Technical Parameters of Corn Grits Milling Machine

Spindle speed1150r/min
Rated voltage380v

Above are the parameters of the corn grits machine. The power of this machine is 7.5 kw. The production capacity is 1000kg/h. If you have other needs, please feel free to contact us.

What Are the Benefits of Corn Grits Making Machine?

  • Multifunctionality: The corn grits manufacturing machine integrates multiple processing steps, including cleaning, shelling, de-embryos, de-rooting, grinding, grading, and polishing, all in one go. This versatility not only improves processing efficiency but also reduces labor and time costs.
  • Precise Processing: The machine is capable of producing corn grits of different grain sizes and grades precisely according to the needs.
  • High quality of finished products: The maize grits making machine ensures consistency in the quality and taste of the grits produced through standardized processing procedures. This helps to meet consumer demand for high quality food.
Corn Grits Milling Machine For Sale
corn grits milling machine for sale

Applications of Corn Grits

Corn grits are a versatile ingredient that has a wide range of applications in various cooking and food preparation. Corn grits can be used to make a variety of foods such as corn mush, cornbread, corn pastries, corn chips, corn cakes, grits pasta, grits soup, and grits desserts.

The Application of Corn Grits Machine in the Global Market

The versatility and efficiency of the Corn Grits Making Machine have led to its adoption in numerous countries, including the Philippines, East Timor, Bangladesh, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Angola, Zambia, and Somalia. This machinery has significantly enhanced the corn processing capabilities in these regions, allowing for the production of consistent and top-grade corn grits.

Corn Grits Machine Shipped To Usa
corn grits machine shipped to usa

How to Acquire a Corn Grits Milling Machine?

For those seeking to invest in a Corn Grits Making Machine, reaching out to Taizy Corn Machinery is a prudent choice. With a range of models available, Taizy Corn Machinery offers tailored solutions to meet various processing requirements. To explore their offerings or make a purchase, interested parties can readily contact them. At our company, we have a wide range of corn grits maker machine models such as T1, T3, PH, PD2, and C2 for our customers to choose from.

Maize Grits Making Machine For Sale
maize grits making machine for sale

Taizy Corn Machinery: A Leading Manufacturer in China

When discussing corn machinery manufacturers, Taizy Corn Machinery inevitably comes into the spotlight. Renowned for their expertise and commitment to quality, Taizy Corn Machinery has established itself as a leading name in the industry. Our Corn Grits Milling Machine exemplifies precision engineering and innovation, meeting the demands of a rapidly evolving food processing landscape.

The Corn Grits Making Machine stands as a testament to technological advancement in the food processing industry. Its ability to streamline various corn processing stages, coupled with its global application, underscores its significance. With Taizy Corn Machinery leading the charge in manufacturing excellence, interested parties can confidently turn to us for their corn processing needs.