Corn hammer mill machine is a kind of crushing equipment specially used to crush corn, straw, and other grain crops into powder and pellets.

Hammer mill grinder for corn can easily crush corn, wheat, soybean, and other food crops. We can provide different sizes of screens according to actual needs. Then the customer can get the final product of the corresponding size.

Corn Grinder For Sale
corn grinder for sale

What are the parameters of the machine?

ModelCapacity(kg/h)Hammer(pcs)Power(kw)Dia of sieve(mm)Weight(kg)Size(mm)

The above are the parameters of four popular corn hammer mill machine. The output of a small hammer mill for corn is 200kg/h, and that of a large corn flour mill is 1500kg/h. If you need it, please feel free to contact us. In addition, we have also the corn grits milling machine and disk corn mill machine for sale.

Corn Grit Machine
Corn Grit Machine
Corn Grinder Machine
Corn Grinder Machine

Corn hammer mill design

The structure of the corn flour hammer mill comprises a crushing chamber, a feeding chamber, a cyclone separation chamber, a rotor, and a base.

Structure Of Hammer Mill Grinder
structure of hammer mill grinder

How does the corn hammer mill machine work?

The working mode of the corn flour mill is very simple. First, the operator turns on the power supply and sends the material to the feeding port. Then the material will automatically enter the grinding chamber for grinding. The high-speed hammer in the crushing chamber will quickly crush the corn into powder or granules. The final product will be discharged from the outlet through the screen.

The Screen Of The Machine
The Screen Of The Machine
Internal Structure Of Machine
Internal Structure Of Machine

Advantages of the machine

  1. The machine has a wide range of applications. The corn grinder can not only crush corn, but also other grain crops, straw, and other forage.
  2. Easy to operate. The machine is easy to use. The operator only needs to turn on the switch and put the material into the machine feed port.
  3. The screen can be replaced. The size of the screen determines the size of the finished product. Customers can achieve the desired size by replacing the screen.
  4. More energy saving. The engine of the corn hammer mill machine only needs to drive the hammer to swing. Therefore, the machine has the advantage of more energy saving.
  5. There is a cyclone separator at the outlet to reduce dust pollution.
Corn Hammer Mill Machine
corn hammer mill machine

How to use maize hammer mill correctly?

  1. Before starting the machine, check whether each part of the machine is obviously abnormal and whether the screws are loose.
  2. The machine should idle for several minutes when starting. Listen for abnormal sound and loose belt.
  3. The user shall not put his hand into the machine during feeding.
  4. A bag shall be connected at the exit to collect the finished products. This can avoid the situation that powdery materials are not easy to collect.
  5. Check the bearings and replace the lubricating oil when the machine runs for 500 hours.
  6. After the work of the corn hammer mill machine is completed, the feed inlet shall be closed and the leftovers shall be cleaned.