Nowadays, the demand for corn products in the grain processing industry is increasing. Corn is also used more widely. At the same time, the industrial chain is also very long. Corn is an indispensable material in life and industry, so maize flour milling machine has been developed rapidly. But there are also some problems in the development.

Corn Field
corn field

Factors affecting the development of maize flour milling machine

  1. The capacity of corn deep processing expanded too fast, the market demand was too large, and the growth rate exceeded the growth level of corn output. In some production areas, there has been a tendency to expand the processing capacity too quickly and strain raw materials. The market demand urgently needs the transportation of raw materials.
  2. Most enterprises are extensive processing, with a low output. There are many primary products, and high-quality products cannot keep up with industry standards. The product structure is unreasonable. The low efficiency of processing and transformation in some small enterprises leads to low comprehensive utilization of resources.
  3. Some enterprises are technologically backward. The pollution caused by production and processing is high.
  4. The production base of special maize is insufficient and the production is relatively small.
  5. The processing form is not perfect, and the industrialized operation pattern of trade, industry, and agriculture has not yet formed mechanization.
  6. The standardization level of corn planting is low, which affects the benefit of corn deep processing enterprises.
Maize Flour Milling Machine
maize flour milling machine


The electric corn mill grinder industry will play a positive role in promoting farmers’ income and economic development in the future. If you want to know more about the maize flour milling machine, please contact us.