Corn grinder is a corn machine specially used to grind corn into flour. According to different structural principles, it can be divided into tooth claw type and hammer type. The tooth claw type corn mill grinds finer powder, and the hammer type corn mill grinder saves energy. The choice depends on the actual demand. The corn flour mill crushes, grinds, crushes, shears, and then beats the corn into flour. Finally, it is filtered out through the screen.

Corn Grinder
corn grinder

Tooth claw type corn grinder and hammer type corn crusher

The tooth claw-type corn flour mill has a plurality of flat teeth and square teeth. When the material enters the pulverizer engine room, the material can be ground into finer powder by high-speed collision between the flat teeth and the square teeth. The hammer type corn grinder is a group of hammers, and materials are crushed in several groups of hammers.

When the tooth claw type corn grinding mill is working, the power needs to drive the whole tooth plate to operate. In the hammer type operation, it is only necessary to drive the blade to operate. Therefore, in the case of the same power, the hammer type corn grinder consumes less power and saves more energy.


To sum up, the choice of corn grinder mainly depends on the actual demand. If the requirements for the fineness of grinding are higher, the claw type is better. If you want to save energy and electricity, you can consider hammer type.