Shipping Of The Corn Grits Milling Machine

Taizy Corn Flour Making Machine for Sale in Philippines

In May of 2022, a client wanted to engage in a new business in the corn processing category. With a vision to enhance their corn processing capabilities, he turned to....

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Corn Sheller Machine

Electric Maize Sheller for Sale in Zambia

With more and more attention being paid to the mechanized production of agriculture in Zambia, many people begin to use machines instead of manpower. In May 2022, Zambian customers bought....

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Fresh Corn Kernels

Sweet Corn Sheller Machine Sent to Singapore

In March 2022, the sweet corn sheller machine of Taizy Machinery was sent to Singapore. Singapore Customer Order Details Daniel, a client in Singapore, is the owner of a small....

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4 Row Corn Picker

Taizy 4 Row Corn Picker for Sale in South Africa

As a common corn processing equipment, the corn harvester can not be separated from it in the busy season. In February 2022, the South African customer received the 4 row....

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Industrial Corn Thresher

Mexico Customer’s Maize Threshing Machine Has Been Delivered!

The multifunctional maize threshing machine purchased by Mexican customers was delivered yesterday! Receive customer inquiry On August 10, we received an inquiry from Mexico. He wrote in the email that....

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Picture Of The Cabinet

6 Row Maize Planter for Sale in Ghana

In November 2021, the Ghanaian customer purchased an 6 row maize planter from us! Why do customers buy 6 row maize planter? As one of the main food crops in....

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Corn Grits

Maize Grits Making Machine Was Shipped to the Philippines!

In June 2022, the Philippine customer ordered a maize grits making machine from our company. Customer background Nathan, a Filipino customer, runs an agricultural materials store. In order to increase....

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