In March 2022, the sweet corn sheller machine of Taizy Machinery was sent to Singapore.

Singapore Customer Order Details

Daniel, a client in Singapore, is the owner of a small corn cannery. The factory uses a lot of corn grains every day. According to the customer, he used to use an honest sweet corn sheller machine, which was slow in efficiency and easy to cause problems. Now he wants to buy a more efficient fresh corn sheller to help his business. At present, I want to buy a threshing machine first. If the machine is good, I want to order more threshing machines. After a week’s communication, the customer decided to order an electric corn sheller.

Sweet Corn
sweet corn

Why do customers choose Taizy sweet corn sheller machine?

  1. Small volume. The machine volume is 700*620*1250mm. Therefore, the machine has the advantages of a small footprint and space-saving.
  2. The quality of the machine is good. The machine is made of food-grade stainless steel.
  3. The price is cheap. As we are the first source manufacturer, our price has a great advantage compared with our peers.
  4. Fast delivery. fresh corn sheller machine is our company’s hot selling equipment. There is a lot of stock in the factory. Therefore, we can guarantee that the goods can be delivered soon.
Sweet Corn Sheller Machine
sweet corn sheller machine

Parameters of sweet corn sheller machine

Size (mm)700*620*1250
Voltage220v, 1 phase