Small corn planter is mainly designed for family users. Compared with large-scale corn planter, it is more economical and easier to operate. They can also correct problems in time. Because it is a hand-held maize planter, it is suitable for heavier fields in mountains and hills.

What are the types of corn planters?

There are three different types of manual corn planters for sale in our company. They have different power modes and operation modes.

Walk-behind corn planter

The walk-behind corn planter is a small corn planting machine that our company sells well. This machine only needs one person to plant seeds. Equipped with a gasoline engine, people can easily sow corn. It saves time and effort. In addition, we have two different models of gasoline engines for you to choose from. If you need this hand corn seeder, please feel free to contact us.

Walk-Behind Corn Planter
walk-behind corn planter

Hand corn seed planter

This 1 row corn planter requires two people to work together to sow corn. One person pushes the machine behind the machine and the other person pulls the rope in front of the machine to provide power for the machine. This machine has the characteristics of simple operation and simple structure. You can use it to fertilize and sow. Due to the uniqueness of the machine, this manual maizer planter requires two laborers to operate together. Therefore, it can help customers in nondeveloped areas.

Corn planting Machine specification

Hand Corn Planter Machine
hand corn planter machine

Manual corn planring machine

The manual corn seeder machine needs both hands to hold the handrail and press down to the seed. This machine is light and easy to carry. Different spacers can also be used to change the seeding width. Similarly, the manual corn planter machine is also suitable for fertilizing and sowing in farmland, plain and hilly areas.

Manual Corn Seeder Machine
manual corn seeder machine

How does a small corn planter work?

We mainly talk about the working principle of the walk-behind corn planter. However, the working process of most small corn planters is similar. Firstly, we need to put the seeds into the seed bin. Then start the machine (push forward). Then hold the handle of the machine to keep balance and push forward. Finally, the seeds will be sown into the field.

Characteristics of small corn planter

  1. Small volume and lightweight. Easy to carry and operate.
  2. It can also sow a series of grain crops such as peanuts, wheat, soybeans, and sorghum.
  3. Dual functions. The small maize planter can not only sow but also fertilize.
  4. The height and length of the handle can be adjusted. Therefore, it applies to everyone.
  5. Simple structure and easy debugging. Therefore, it has the characteristics of a low failure rate.
Details Of The Machine
details of the machine

Small corn planter for sale

In Taizy corn machinery, we have different kinds of small corn planters for sale. In addition, we have a large maize planter. Our corn harvesters are the same. They have different models. You can choose your own planter according to your own needs. And the price of each corn planter is different. Because their degree of automation and output are different. If you want a maize seeder, please feel free to contact us.

When should corn be planted?

Seed germination requires a certain temperature and depth. The suitable temperature for sowing corn is about 12 ℃. And the depth is about 10 cm. This is a suitable time for planting corn. Due to the differences between the northern and southern hemispheres, the suitable planting season varies from place to place. Generally speaking, the planting season is spring and autumn. Do you need a small corn planter to help you? Please feel free to contact us.