Sweet corn planter is a machine that can sow seeds on sweet corn. Sweet corn seeder is the hot selling machine of Taizy Corn Machinery. Our corn planter can do all the processes of loosening, fertilizing, digging trenches, sowing, and covering soil at the same time. Therefore, compared with other corn planter manufacturers, our machine is a multi-functional sweet corn planter.

Sweet Corn Planter For Sale
sweet corn planter for sale

What are the types of Taizy sweet corn seeders?

At Taizy Corn Machinery Factory, we have small sweet corn planter, 3-row corn seeders, 4 row sweet corn planter, 5 row corn seeders, 6 row corn planter machine, and 2 row sweet corn planter for sale. We can also provide customized service for our customers. If you need a sweet corn seeder, please feel free to contact us.

Sweet Corn Seeder
Sweet Corn Seeder
Maize Planter Machine
Maize Planter Machine
6 Row Maize Planter
6 Row Maize Planter

Planting sweet corn with 2 row planter

The sweet corn planter mainly consists of a seed box, furrow opener, seed discharger, fertilizer box, fertilizer discharger and mulching and suppressing device. In the process of sowing operation, the main power of the planter comes from the rear power output shaft of the tractor. Under the tractor’s traction, the trencher opens the soil trench for sowing and fertilizer application at a predetermined depth.

Due to the role of friction, the ground wheel in the process of moving forward constantly rolls and drives the seed rower and fertilizer rower work. The seeds and fertilizers are then discharged into the furrows through different lines, and the soil is covered and compacted using a mulching device and a suppression device. In addition to conventional corn seeders, there are also some corn seeders that can achieve pest and disease control and mulching functions during operation.

Small Sweet Maize Planter
small sweet maize planter

What are the advantages of the machine?

  1. The sowing device has high sowing accuracy. The sowing qualification rate is more than 85%.
  2. High working speed. When the plant distance is not less than 20cm, the working speed of the corn seeder can reach 8km/h.
  3. Accurate hole spacing and even seedling division. The sweet corn seeder can sow the corn kernels evenly. This can make each corn plant grow properly
  4. Excellent material of main parts. All gears of the gearbox are made of high-quality steel and carburized. The transmission parts are made of high-quality rolling bearings.
  5. Easy to operate. The sweet corn planter is easy to get started and simple to operate. The gearbox operating lever can control the radial pendulum and axial movement of the balance wheel at the same time.

Technical parameters of 2 row sweet corn planter

Overall dimension1570*1300*1200mm
Row spacing428-570mm
Plant spacingAdjustable, 140mm/173mm/226mm/280mm
Ditching depth60-80mm
Fertilization depth60-80mm
Sowing depth30-50mm
The capacity of the fertilizer tank18.75L x2
The capacity of seedbox8.5 x 2
Matched power12-18hp

These are the parameters of the 2 row sweet corn planter. Sowing row spacing is 428-570 mm. Plant spacing can be adjusted at 140 mm/173 mm/226 mm/280 mm. The sowing depth is 30-50mm. The mating horsepower is 12-18hp.

What is the best planter for sweet corn?

Taizy Corn Machinery has the best planter for sweet corn. We have 3 row/4 row/5 rows and 6 rows sweet corn seeders for sale. Whether you are using it for home use or commercial use, you can choose the right machine. As a manufacturer specializing in corn machinery, we can provide our customers with not only corn seeders, but also 2 row corn picker and sweet corn sheller.

Maize Planting Machine
maize planting machine

Notes on the operation of sweet maize planter

  1. The sweet corn planter can only be used after the relevant person has passed the relevant training. The operator can ensure the operation quality of the planter and avoid the occurrence of mechanical failure only after he knows the principle, structure, and operation method of the machine.
  2. Before the operation, the driver shall carefully check the seeder to ensure that the machine is normal and the key parts are well-lubricated and connected.
  3. If any abnormality is found during the seeding process, the machine shall be stopped immediately for inspection, and the seeding operation can be continued only after the fault is eliminated.
  4. When sowing, the operator shall complete the workflow of trenching, seed metering, fertilizer discharging, and soil covering according to the specified row spacing and operation speed.
  5. In addition to standardized operation according to the manufacturer’s requirements, the driver must also pay attention to the daily maintenance of the sweet corn planter. This can ensure that the seeder is always in good working condition to ensure good sowing quality and sowing efficiency.
The Working Picture Of Corn Planting Equipment
the working picture of corn planting equipment

What month should sweet corn be planted?

Sowing sweet corn can be done in the spring from March to May, and the time of planting in each region will change depending on the weather. It is important to avoid hot periods when planting, as this weather can hinder seed growth. And even if the seedlings grow, they may be very thin and small. Such seedlings will have a very low yield when they grow to maturity. The soil should have good fertility when sowing. Sweet corn seeds should also be carefully selected. Otherwise, this will directly affect the yield of sweet corn.