Sweet corn is a variety of corn. It is also known as fresh corn. Sweet corn is one of the main vegetables in Europe, America, Korea, and Japan. It is popular among consumers from all walks of life because of its rich nutrition and delicious taste. Sweet corn has the same morphological characteristics as regular corn but is more nutritious than regular corn. Sweet corn has thin seeds and a fresh, sticky, sweet taste. Because of the better economic benefits of growing sweet corn, the promotion area is getting bigger and bigger. Sweet corn planting is a very important step to get high quality and high yield of sweet corn.

Sweet Corn Planting
sweet corn planting

Best way to plant sweet corn

Isolated planting

Common sweet corn, super sweet corn, and enhanced sweet corn are all recessive sweet gene mutants for endosperm traits, and they are non-allelic genetically related to each other. Therefore, it is not possible to cross any type of sweet corn that is determined by these recessive genes with each other, much less with common corn. Otherwise, due to the complementary effect of the genes, it will become common corn. Therefore, sweet corn planting should follow the principle of isolated planting. Spatial isolation requires more than 400 meters. Take the time difference isolation then requires the flowering period difference of more than 30 days.

Soil selection and land preparation

Sweet corn, especially super sweet corn, its seeds are obviously different from ordinary corn. Sweet corn seeds are very poor topsoil force, seedlings are thin and weak, and it is difficult to meet the requirements of a sowing of seedlings to grow and strong. Therefore, we should growing sweet corn in sandy loam or loamy soil. Such soil for sweet corn has a high fertility and a pH value between 6.5 and 7. This holds the moisture in the land well and has good permeability.

Seed selection

The selection of seeds is an important step. Only by choosing the best seeds can you get the best-tasting sweet corn. Special attention should be paid to the super sweet corn should not be soaked, otherwise, the seeds will lose their vitality.

Sweet corn planting method

Sweet corn planting should be planted in wide and narrow rows. Large row spacing 80-90 cm, small row spacing 40 cm. Plant spacing depends on the density. Sowing density is generally 4000-5000 plants per mu. Each hole point seed 3-5. To do seed, fertilizer isolation, fine soil cover seed, mulch 3-5 cm, while ensuring that the mulch depth is consistent. Taizy 2 row sweet corn planter can well complete the work of sweet corn sowing.

Corn Planting Machine
corn planting machine

Fertilization management

Fertilizer application principle: organic fertilizer is the main, organic fertilizer, and inorganic fertilizer with the application.

Reasonable application of chemical fertilizers. Nitrogen fertilizer can significantly increase the yield of sweet corn. Too much nitrogen fertilizer reduces the content of lysine and sugar in the seeds. The increase of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers reduces the starch content, increases the nutritional value of the cob, improves the processing quality and palatability of the kernels, and increases the commercial value.

Watering management

The water requirements of sweet corn are similar to those of common corn. Water management should pay attention to the emergence period to prevent flooding and the middle and late stages of drought prevention.


Because germination time for sweet corn is slow, it is susceptible to weed damage. Therefore, weeding must be done as early as possible.

Timely harvesting

Timely harvesting is a key aspect of producing high quality fresh corn. Look at the male ears and pick the corn. The male ears have not yet changed color, indicating that it is not yet the right time to harvest. Look at the color of corn whiskers, unpollinated corn whiskers are bright red, pollinated filaments gradually become darker. If the filaments begin to scorch and appear dark brown, harvesting is ready. A 2 row corn picker can help farmers harvest corn faster.

2 Row Corn Harvester
2 row corn harvester


These are the key points of planting sweet corn. If you want to get high quality sweet corn you should follow these requirements.