In November 2021, the Ghanaian customer purchased an 6 row maize planter from us!

Why do customers buy 6 row maize planter?

As one of the main food crops in Ghana, corn has a large planting area in Ghana. With the development of the economy, many customers want to create wealth for themselves with corn planters. Because only about 64% of the total agricultural land area in Ghana is arable land, and 30% of the agricultural land is mechanized. Therefore, mechanized production has become more and more popular. Our customer Frank wants to buy a corn planter to help his compatriots. At the same time, he can make money, too.

6 Row Maize Planter
6 row maize planter

Contact the customer

Cindy, our salesman, replied to the customer for the first time after receiving the customer’s email. And sent him pictures of our corn planter. Because we have many machine models, we need customers to confirm the type they want. Our company’s corn planters include small corn planters and large corn planters. Therefore, customers have many choices. After careful consideration, Frank bought our 6 row corn planter.

Customer feedback

In December 2021, 6 row maize planter from Ghana customers were delivered. In January 2022, the machine successfully arrived in Ghana. After receiving the machine, the customer was very satisfied. In addition, we also sell small corn planters and corn milling machine. Do you need a corn seeder to save your time and energy? Please feel free to contact us.