Corn mill grinder is a machine used to make corn flour. In fact, our mill can process all kinds of grains into powder materials. Because our disk mill machine has the advantages of small size, simple operation, and low price, it is welcomed by many customers. Moreover, this machine has been exported to the Philippines, France, Tonga, and other countries.

Commercial Corn Grinder
commercial corn grinder

Working principle of corn mill grinder

First of all, this grinder of corn can use a diesel engine, electric motor, or gasoline engine. In addition, the disk mill machine can have two inlets. The inside of the grinder is a rotary table-type grinding bin. The most important thing is that the machine is equipped with long flat teeth and short flat teeth. So, it can crush the material to starch-level fineness. In addition, you can adjust the material fineness (0.2-8mm) according to your own needs. The corn mill grinder is also equipped with a cyclone separator. This is a dust removal device. It can prevent workers from dust interference during work. It can also make the workplace cleaner.

Disk Mill Machine
disk mill machine

Parameters of disk mill machine

NameDisk Mill

What are the advantages of a corn mill grinder?

  1. The floor area is small. The size of this machine is 530 * 420 * 440. Therefore, it has the characteristics of a small volume.
  2. Wide application range. The disk corn mill can grind corn, wheat, sorghum, soybean, fish bone, dry pepper, and other materials.
  3. There are many models. In Taizy corn processing machinery, we have more than 10 models of electric corn grinder for you to choose from. There must be one that meets your requirements.
  4. Simple operation. You just need to put the material into the feed port. The machine will make corn flour automatically.
  5. A special dust removal device can prevent the workshop from dust interference.
Electric Corn Grinder
Electric Corn Grinder

What are the types of corn mill machine?

In the Taizy corn machinery factory, we have a 9FQ corn hammer mill, multi-functional grain grinder, grain crusher with cyclone separator, and other corn mills.
Compared with the disk mill machine, the powerful engine of the 9FQ corn hammer mill only needs to drive the hammer head to swing. Instead of the entire grinding plate. So it is more energy-saving than the disk mill. A multifunctional grain grinder is also called corn grits making machine. It can make corn into large grits, small grits, and corn flour. Therefore, this multifunctional grain grinder is more practical. Cyclone grain crushers can also handle a variety of materials. The difference is that there is a jar in the device. This grain grinder has a dust removal tank. It can collect dust when the machine is working.
You can choose your own industrial corn grinder according to your needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Application scope of disk mill

To sum up, the corn grinder can grind corn, wheat, soybean, dry pepper, sorghum, medicinal materials, and other materials. Due to its advantages of small size and easy operation. This industrial corn grinder can be used in rural areas, small grain processing plants, feed processing plants, grain and oil markets, supermarkets, schools, and restaurants. You can use it to process various grains.

Finished Products Made By Corn Grinder
finished products made by corn grinder

Why do customers choose us?

  1. We are not only a corn flour machine manufacturer but also a professional corn processing equipment manufacturer. Therefore, compared with other manufacturers, we are more professional.
  2. Better after-sales service. We have not only good pre-sales service but also the same after-sales service. When customers encounter problems, we will help them solve them the first time. Therefore, many customers have become our repeat customers.
  3. Fast delivery speed. As common in corn processing equipment, the corn mill grinder has a lot of stock in our factory. Therefore, our delivery speed is very fast.