When working in the maize grinder, many customers will encounter serious dust problems.

Causes of dust produced by maize grinder

The dust diffusion in the production of corn milling machines is mainly caused by the continuous action of two kinds of airflow. One is the airflow generated during the production process, also known as primary dust airflow. The other is indoor airflow, that is, secondary dust flow. The secondary dusty air flow will take the local dusty air away from the formation site and further diffuse the dust.

Commercial Maize Grinder
commercial maize grinder

How to solve the dust problem when the corn mill grinder works?

In order to effectively solve the problem of dust diffusion of maize grinder, we must consider solving it from the source of dust. According to the workshop production equipment and other comprehensive factors, adopt reasonable scientific production process and production equipment, and strictly implement the operating procedures. These measures can control the dust diffusion of the corn flour machine within a small range.

The cyclone separator equipped with Taizy corn mill machine can prevent workers from dust interference during work. This is a dust removal device. It can also make the workplace cleaner. This also fundamentally solved the problem of dust diffusion. In addition, our corn grits machine can also grind corn flour. And the machine does not generate dust.

T3 Corn Grits Machine
T3 corn grits machine

In addition, maize mill machine enterprises need to adopt scientific ventilation methods to control dust pollution according to the specific situation of the workshop.
The ventilation method is mainly closed and assisted by suction. In order to solve the problem of dust diffusion in the maize grinder plant, e can minimize mechanical vibration. This method can also control the airflow of dust in a relatively small range.