In June 2022, the Philippine customer ordered a maize grits making machine from our company.

Customer background

Nathan, a Filipino customer, runs an agricultural materials store. In order to increase more business income, he wants to invest in a maize grits making machine. Because he has ready-made customers, as long as he does more publicity, he is sure to profit from it. Therefore, he browsed the major agricultural machinery websites on the Internet to find reliable manufacturers of corn grits. When he saw our products, he felt that the parameters and functions of the machine were what he was looking for. So Nathan sent us an inquiry.

Maize Grits
maize grits

Emily got in touch with the customer

After receiving the customer’s email, our business representative, Emily, contacted the customer. After learning about the customer’s needs, Emily recommended our small corn grits milling machine to Nathan. This machine can complete the work of peeling and making grits. After a week of communication, the customer decided to order this corn grits machine.

Parameters of maize grits making machine

Corn Peeling350-450kg
Making Corn Gifts1000kg
Rated Voltage380v
Power7.5kw 4pole
Making Corn Flour350g
Spindle Speed1150r/min
Corn Grit Machine
corn grit machine

Customer feedback

After a follow-up visit, we learned that our customers were very satisfied with our maize grits making machine. He also said that he would buy machines from us if there was a chance.