Sweet corn sheller is a machine that obtains corn kernels from fresh corn cobs. It can completely peel the corn kernels on the corn cob. In Taizy corn processing machinery, we have not only fresh corn threshers but also dry corn threshers. It is believed that this two separation equipment can meet the threshing needs of customers. Due to the advantages of fresh corn threshers, our machines have been exported to Singapore, Russia, Mexico, Indonesia, the United States, Ghana, Nigeria, and other countries.

Fresh Corn Sheller Machine
fresh corn sheller machine

Structure of sweet corn sheller

The structure of the fresh corn sheller machine includes an electric control box, corn inlet, corn kernel outlet, rubber roller, movable unloading wheel, blower, movable external conveyor belt, etc. Machine accessories include knives, bearings, buttons, wheels, etc. The sweet corn sheller of this machine is made of 304 stainless steel. Therefore, it has the characteristics of high work efficiency and durability. In addition, the material of the food machine can also make us eat more at ease.

Fresh Corn Sheller Machine For Sale
fresh corn sheller machine for sale

How does the sweet corn thresher work?

After we put the corn cob on the conveyor belt, the conveyor chain will drive the conveyor belt to move forward and send it to the threshing device. Then the rubber roller will clamp the corn cob into the cutter. The rubber roller is used to fix the corn cob and prevent it from moving. The blade then passes through the corn cob and peels the corn from the corn cob. Finally, the corn kernels will be discharged from the corn kernel outlet. The corn cob will be discharged from the other port.

Machine specifications

Size (mm)700(L)*620(W)*1250(H)1320(L)*620(W)*1250(H)
Voltage220V,1 phase220V,1 phase

We have two sweet corn sheller for sale. One without a conveyor belt and the other with a conveyor belt. The output of the two machines is more than 400-500 kg / h. The weight of the belt conveyor is 10 kg heavier than the belt without a belt conveyor. The machine dimensions are 720 * 620 * 1250 and 1320 * 620 * 1250 respectively. You can choose your own fresh corn thresher according to your needs.

Working Process Of The Machine
working process of the machine

Application of fresh corn sheller

Sweet corn thresher can thresh all kinds of fresh corn, sweet corn, cooked corn, waxy corn, and thawed corn. Therefore, this thresher can be used in major food plants, corn canning plants, corn beverage plants, and corn syrup plants.

Finished Product
finished product

Advantages of sweet corn thresher

  1. High threshing rate. The threshing rate of our fresh corn sheller machine is as high as 100%.
  2. Wide application range. The machine can process sweet corn, fresh corn, and waxy corn. You can use it in major food factories
  3. Easy to move. There are wheels at the bottom of the machine. So you can easily move it.
  4. Durable tools. The cutter of the machine is made of special stainless steel. It is strong and durable.
  5. Small size, high work efficiency.
Sweet Corn
sweet corn


Q: What is the material of the machine?
A: 304 stainless steel

Q: What is the difference between SL-268 and SL-368?
A: Sl-368 has one more conveyor belt than SL-268.

Q: What is the peeling rate of the sweet corn sheller?
A: 100%

Q: Can this machine peel corn?
A: May not. We have a special multifunctional corn thresher to peel corn.

Q: Do you have a machine to get corn flour?
A: Yes, we do. In addition, we also have corn planters and corn harvesters for sale.