Small maize sheller machine is a common machine in corn machinery. The output of the machine is 1500kg/h-2000kg/h, so it is especially suitable for small farms and families. Although the machine is small, it is powerful. It can thresh and peel corn. Many dealers in other countries choose to buy this small maize thresher. Because this machine is very popular in the corn harvest season. In addition to small corn sheller, Taizy Corn Machinery Factory also has medium corn threshers and commercial corn shellers for sale.

Small Maize Sheller Machine
small maize sheller machine

How does a small maize sheller machine work?

The working principle of the maize sheller is to thresh corn by the friction of the drum inside the machine. The gap between the rollers will not crush the corncob. Then the corn grain will come out from the corn grain outlet, and the corncob will come out from another outlet. This is the working process of a mini maize thresher machine.

Machine parameters

PowerGasline engine or Electric Motor
Machine weight65kg
Machine size440*400*800mm

Mini maize thresher machine price

The price of small maize sheller machine is relatively cheap because its structure is simple and its output is not as large as that of commercial corn threshers. Therefore, dealers in many countries buy this small corn sheller and then sell it to farmers. Due to the influence of distance and exchange rates, we are unable to give you a specific quotation here. If you want to know the price of the machine, please feel free to contact us. Our sales will reply to you in time.

Shipment Picture
shipment picture

Advantages of small corn sheller

  1. The machine is simple in structure and easy to use
  2. Customers can choose a motor or a gasoline engine.
  3. The threshing effect is good, and the corncob after threshing treatment is complete.
  4. This small corn thresher covers a small area, especially for household use.
  5. The fan equipped with the machine can blow away impurities and dust in the corn when it is out of work. So the corn after threshing is very clean.
  6. The solid frame makes the machine not easy to shake when working.
Small Corn Sheller For Sale
small corn sheller for sale

Structure of small maize sheller machine

The domestic corn thresher is composed of a feed inlet, a threshing and peeling room, a motor or a gasoline engine, a corn grain outlet and a corn stick outlet, a fan, and a frame. The size of the feed inlet is 330mm wide and 360mm long. The feed opening is sized for easy placement of corn.

Structure Of Small Maize Sheller
structure of small maize sheller

Why do customers choose our mini maize thresher machine?

First of all, this small maize sheller machine can not only thresh but also peel. It is a dual-use machine. Moreover, the threshing effect of the machine is good, and the removal rate of corn kernels is as high as 99%. Secondly, the production efficiency of 1500-2000 kg per hour can meet the threshing needs of families and small farms. Finally, the corncob and corn will come out of the two mouths respectively. Users do not waste time and energy in screening.