Threshing is a difficult problem in traditional corn production. Manual threshing is not only a heavy workload but also low efficiency. With the continuous improvement of agricultural mechanization technology, maize sheller machines become more and more popular. However, in the actual use of the corn thresher, the farmers do not have a comprehensive grasp of the mechanical principle. And the use method or operation is not standard. It is easy to have problems such as grain damage, machine damage, and low efficiency. This greatly affects the operation effect of the maize sheller machine. Next, we will introduce the working principle and precautions of the corn thresher.

Corn Threshing Machine
corn threshing machine

How does a maize sheller work?

The corn enters the feeding mouth through the manual conveyor belt. The feeding inlet is located at the upper part of the machine, and the fed corn will enter the threshing chamber. Due to the rotating impact of the rotor and the drum, the corn grains will be peeled off in turn. At present, the maize threshing machine adopts the method of multiple threshing to ensure the grain removal rate. After corn threshing, the sieve will separate the corn kernels. The remaining corn husks, corn shreds, and other sundries are discharged under the action of the fan. Then the corn kernels will fall out of the outlet.

Threshing Effect
threshing effect

What are the advantages of Taizy maize sheller machine?

The main power unit of the corn thresher is the motor. The threshing drum and fan are driven by the rotation of the motor. Then realize the work needs of corn threshing, screening, impurity removal, and collection. Under the continuous optimization of mechanical structure, the corn thresher machine produced by Taizy corn machinery is more compact. And the functions are rich and reasonable. This effectively realizes high efficiency and low energy consumption. Therefore, it can also save the space occupied for use in rural areas. In addition, we also have fresh corn thrashers for sale.

Sweet Corn Sheller
sweet corn sheller

Precautions for corn sheller

  1. The basic requirements for the working site of the maize sheller machine are that the ground is flat, the area is sufficient, and the specified power supply is available. When the machine is placed, it shall be noted that the exhaust outlet shall be placed along the wind direction to avoid poor exhaust.
  2. The corn thresher machine shall be installed with four feet stable. In this way, the equipment will not generate shaking or obvious vibration.
  3. Check the installation of parts and components of the maize sheller machine under the shutdown. Confirm that the key parts are fixed reliably and the rotating parts operate flexibly, and confirm whether the adjustment mechanism is properly adjusted, whether the safety facilities are complete and effective, and whether there are no tools or other sundries in the machine.
  4. The corn thresher machine shall be put into trial operation before it is put into formal use. In case of any abnormality, stop the machine immediately for an inspection.
  5. The operators of the maize sheller machine shall do a good job in safety protection. Long hair personnel shall tie up their hair and wrap it with hats. All personnel in the threshing process shall wear masks and cover their arms and legs with clothes.