The multifunctional maize threshing machine purchased by Mexican customers was delivered yesterday!

Receive customer inquiry

On August 10, we received an inquiry from Mexico. He wrote in the email that he wanted to buy a corn thresher, and did not know which model was suitable. He Wants us to recommend him a suitable corn thresher.

Maize Sheller
maize sheller

The communication process between sales and customer

Our sales representative coco contacted the customer on WhatsApp as soon as he knew the customer’s needs. And sent the pictures and working videos of the machine to the customer. The customer also replied quickly. He said he wanted a machine that could handle both corn and soybeans. The output should be at least 1000 kg / h. According to the needs of customers, coco recommended our multi-functional maize threshing machine customers. Our corn threshing machine can thresh corn, millet, sorghum, soybean, and other grains. The output is 1500 kg / h. After a week of communication, the customer was very satisfied with our service and machines. And paid us all the money for the machine.

Shipping Of The Maize Threshing Machine
shipping of the maize threshing machine

Parameters of maize thresher machine

PowerDiesel engine