With more and more attention being paid to the mechanized production of agriculture in Zambia, many people begin to use machines instead of manpower. In May 2022, Zambian customers bought three corn sheller machines from our company.

Why do customers choose our electric maize sheller?

  1. Good threshing effect. Compared with other machines of the same industry, our electric maize sheller has a better threshing effect. The corn threshing rate is as high as 97%.
  2. Price concessions. As we are the source manufacturer, our machine prices are more favorable.
  3. Fast delivery. Corn thresher is the most common corn processing equipment. Therefore, our factory has a lot of stock for sale.
  4. Patient service. We can answer customers’ questions promptly and patiently.
Electric Maize Sheller
electric maize sheller

Parameters of corn thresher

Power2.2kw motor, gasoline engine, and diesel engine