The 2 row corn picker is a machine that harvests two rows of corn at the same time. It belongs to multi row corn harvesting equipment. We also have a single row maize harvester, 3 row corn picker, and 2 row corn harvester for you to choose from. Compared with 1 row corn picker, the two row harvester has a large volume and high work efficiency. In addition, the machine is equipped with a cab for people to operate the machine. Therefore, this machine can easily harvest multiple rows of corn in a very short time.

Two Row Corn Harvester
two row corn harvester

Advantages of 2 row corn picker

  1. Our corn harvester adopts first-class mechanical drive and hydraulic drive technology. It is easy to control and operate.
  2. At the same time, the 2 row corn picker is integrated with harvesting, transportation, peeling, and straw crushing. This can meet a variety of needs.
  3. The loss rate of corn during picking is less than 3%.
  4. The cab equipped with the machine can make people operate the machine easily.
  5. 8 spiral rubber rollers can easily remove the husk of corn. This saves the trouble of peeling.
  6. Moreover, farmers do not need to pay extra money to buy corn peelers.
2 Row Corn Harvester
2 row corn harvester

Parameters of 2 row corn picker

Cutting Width1135mm
Row Spacing420-890mm
Max Cutting Height2120mm
Minimum Distance from Ground150mm
Working Speed2.2-5.0km/h
Fuel ConsumptionLess 25kg/h ㎡
Peeling RollerSpiral Rubber Roller
Peeling Device8 Peeling Roller
Shaft Distance2300mm
Width of Straw Returning to the Field930mm
Wheel DistanceFront Wheel (1200mm)
Back Wheel (1300mm)
Cab With Sun Visor
cab with sun visor

Maintenance of corn harvester

The maintenance of the 2 row corn harvester is a routine and important project. It mainly includes two levels: before operation and after the operation. The maintenance before the operation is mainly to ensure that the machinery is in good working condition. The work of a corn harvester has a certain stage. Machines usually work in autumn. When the corn harvest is completed, it enters the idle state. Therefore, it is necessary to check after the operation.

  1. Operate according to the instructions before operation. Check whether the cooling water, fuel, lubricating oil, and components are connected normally.
  2. Overhaul and clean the air filter. Check whether the equipment parts are secure. Frequently check the loose parts. Timely adjustment problems found.
  3. After the operation, check whether there are weeds, sediment, and dirt on the machine. Clean up in time if necessary.
  4. Check whether there is damage inside the machine.
  5. Check whether the conveyor belt is loose.
  6. After the above steps are completed, it is necessary to fill the oil into the cutter to ensure that the equipment is in normal condition.
2 Row Maize Harvester In Factory
2 row maize harvester in factory

2 row corn picker for sale

Two row corn harvester is a popular model in corn harvesting equipment. We also have high-quality 2 row corn pick for sale. In addition, we also sell single row corn harvesters. As a professional producer of corn processing equipment, we also have a corn gritting machine, corn planter, and corn flour grinder machine. Moreover, these machines have also been exported to many countries. Therefore, we have rich experience in machinery production and export. If you are interested in this two row corn harvester, please feel free to contact us.

Video of two row corn harvester