As a common corn processing equipment, the corn harvester can not be separated from it in the busy season. In February 2022, the South African customer received the 4 row corn picker sent by us.

Why do customers buy our 4 row corn picker?

According to the customer’s introduction, he wants to do corn harvesting services to increase his family’s income. So he looked for reliable corn harvester manufacturers on the Internet. When he saw our maize picker, he first thought that the output and size of the machine were what he was looking for. Then he sent us an inquiry. After receiving the customer’s email, our salesman Anna contacted the customer. And sent pictures and working videos of your harvester to customers. After watching the working video of the machine, he was very interested in our 4-row corn harvester. After a week of communication, he decided to buy our 4 row corn picker.

Parameters of 4 row corn harvester

Capacity0.33-0.8h ㎡/h
Harvesting Lines4 rows
Applicable Range of Row Spacing500-600mm
Granary Volume2.3m³

Advantages of 4-row corn harvester

  1. Harvest in multiple rows to save time and effort.
  2. The machine has three functions. It can not only harvest corn but also peel the skin of corn. It can also crush straw.
  3. This machine is short in length and the distance between the front and rear wheels is short. This improves the flexibility of the machine and also improves the turning speed.
  4. The price of corn harvesting machine price is moderate.