In recent years, due to high efficiency, time-saving, and labor-saving, more and more people use harvesters to harvest corn. Many farmers like to use corn harvesters. They also want to buy a corn harvester to harvest jade. But large scale combine harvesters are expensive. And the return period is long. So let’s briefly talk about the small scale corn harvester here.

Small scale corn harvester

This small scale corn harvester is modified by a walking tractor or micro tiller.
When harvesting corn, people need to follow the harvester. Hold the small corn harvester with both hands or one hand for farmland operation. After the corn is harvested, there are corn cobs. You can’t harvest the seeds directly or peel the skins. The main function is to reduce the labor intensity of manually breaking corn cobs.

Small Scale Corn Harvester
small scale corn harvester

Characteristics of walking corn harvester

  1. Only one row can be harvested at a time, that is, one ridge can be harvested.
  2. It is generally used for corn planted on small plots or slopes.
  3. Do not peel corn
  4. The price is cheap

2 row self propelled corn picker

This 2 row corn harvester is modified with small four-wheel or small horsepower tractors. When harvesting corn, you can sit down and harvest two rows of corn at a time. Because this type of harvester adopts a front-end ear picking platform, its width is greater than that of the matched power locomotive. Therefore, the machine can make its own way. This realizes the effect that the harvester can enter the field from any position.

Two Row Corn Harvester
two row corn harvester

Crawler corn harvester

Corn can be harvested by refitting the fully fed crawler harvester. Corn harvesting is mainly realized by modifying the separating roller of the harvester. Then replace the components of the relevant threshing system and add corn threshing sets. Generally, 3-4 rows of corn can be harvested, and corn seeds can be harvested. But the cost of modification is very high.


To sum up, more and more farmers and investors favor Small scale corn harvester. If you also want to make money with the corn harvester, please contact us.