According to the analysis of the types of maize harvesting machines in the market, there are mainly the following types of corn harvesters.

Portable corn harvester

This kind of One Row Corn Picker is further divided into two types: side-mounted and back-mounted. It is suitable for harvesting corn in small areas.

The portable corn harvester is composed of an engine, transmission system, clutch, working parts, and manipulation device. It can harvest small areas of corn fields conveniently. And it is highly maneuverable. In addition, the price of the harvester is low. But in many platforms, this machine is not sold separately because of the low price of the machine itself and the high freight cost.

One Row Corn Picker
One Row Corn Picker

Spike and peel corn combine harvester

The ear-picking and peeling corn combine harvester is the most sold and widely used one on the market. This machine can complete the process of picking, peeling and crushing stalks in one go. This type of maize harvesting machine is the mainstream product in the market. At Taizy Machinery, we have a wide range of corn combine harvesters for sale in various rows, the best-selling of which is the 2-row corn picker machine.

2 Row Maize Harvesting Machine
2 row maize harvesting machine

Stem and ear harvesting maize combine harvester

This maize combine harvester can harvest corn cobs and stalks at the same time, and perform processing such as chopping and baling. It can also be used with a tractor, and self-propelled models are also available. This type of maize harvesting machine is suitable for harvesting ears with bracts and then chopping the stalks for feed or returning them to the field.

Corn silage cutting machine

Corn silage cutting machine is a machine that can shred corn stalks, rice stalks, sorghum stalks and other crops and use them for feed or other purposes. Corn silage machine can improve the nutritional value and utilization rate of feed. And it can save cost and reduce pollution. At Taizy Corn Machinery Factory, we have efficient Corn Silage Harvester for sale.

Trailed Corn Silage Cutting Machine
trailed corn silage cutting machine