Maize grits milling machine is a common corn processing equipment. As multifunctional corn equipment, it can make large corn grits, small corn grits, and corn flour. Therefore, this machine can also be used as a corn grinder. The finished corn kernel produced has bright and clean color and high quality. The finished products can be directly sold in large supermarkets and grain and oil wholesale markets. Therefore, this machine has a wide range of applications.

Ph Corn Grinder Machine
PH corn grinder machine

What are the types of maize milling machines?

As a professional corn processing equipment manufacturer, we have many different maize grits milling machine models for your customers to choose from. They are T1, T3, PH, PD2, and C2, respectively. These five machines have different characteristics and advantages. Customers can choose according to their needs.

T1 small maize grits milling machine

T1 small corn grits machine is a machine that first peels and then makes corn grits and corn flour. It can use an electric motor and diesel engine as a power system. It is worth mentioning that this machine can not peel and make corn grits at the same time. Therefore, this machine is suitable for small workshops and self-use.

Corn Peeling350-450kg
Making Corn Gifts1000kg
Rated Voltage380v
Power7.5kw 4pole
Making Corn Flour350kg
Spindle Speed1150r/min
T1 Corn Grit Machine
T1 corn grit machine

Working video of corn grit making machine

T3 large corn grit machine

The difference between T3 large-scale maize grit milling machine and T1 is that it can realize two functions of corn peeling and grit at the same time. Moreover, it has two drive motors. Therefore, this machine has higher work efficiency. We can use it in the grits processing plant. In addition, T3 is equipped with dust removal equipment. Therefore, the corn grits will be cleaner.

T3 Maize Grits Milling Machine
T3 maize grits milling machine

PH corn grits making machine

PH and T3 function similarly. The difference is that this machine is not equipped with dust removal equipment. Therefore, it will be cheaper.

Ph Corn Grinder Machine
PH corn grinder machine

PD2 maize grits milling machine

This machine has a double elevator. The fully automatic processing process makes our corn processing machine more efficient.


C2 corn grits making machine

Compared with the previous grits machine, the price of this corn grits machine is more favorable. Please get in touch with us for a specific price. Our sales will contact you in time and send you a detailed quotation.

C2 Corn Grinding Machine For Sale
C2 corn grinding machine for sale

What is the maize grits manufacturing process?

Pour the corn from the hopper into the peeling room of the corn grits machine. The corn is pushed to the outlet by the propeller‘s rotation. In the peeling chamber, the density between rice grains will increase due to the gradual reduction of the working chamber volume and the influence of mechanical resistance. The extrusion and friction in the machine will also be enhanced. The friction and peeling between the parts will remove the corn husk. The dewatered corn kernel will enter the crushing system. Under the crushing and traction propulsion of the traction clutch crushing device, the material will travel in the crushing process. Then it enters the grading system to obtain corn flour, large corn grits, and small corn grits through automatic separation. Finally, the dust is cleaned by the air net dust removal system. Then we can get clean products.

Finished Products
finished products

What are the advantages of the corn grits making machine?

  1. Wide application range. Grain crops such as corn, rice, sorghum, and wheat can be ground in the machine.
  2. With the help of our maize grits milling machine, you can get three different corn products at the same time. They are big grits, small grits, and corn flour.
  3. The machine is easy to operate and learn.
  4. The peeling quality of the machine is high and the output is high.

The customer in the Philippines ordered a T1 maize grits milling machine

As a popular corn processing machine, customers in many countries have purchased this machine from our company. In June 2022, the Philippine customer Mr. Nathan ordered a T1 type corn grits machine. According to the customer, he has a farm and wants to buy a maize grits milling machine to help him produce corn agricultural and sideline products. Through communication with our sales, he decided to buy a machine from our company. Now the goods have been sent to the customer’s country.

Wooden Case Packing
wooden case packing