Corn drying machine is a machine used to dry corn. It can effectively reduce the humidity of corn and make the storage time of corn longer.

As a professional maize dryer machine manufacturer, we have multifunctional corn dryers for sale. As the name implies, it can not only dry corn but also other grains. Next, we will introduce this machine to you in detail.

Corn Dryer
corn dryer

Complete corn drying process of the corn drying machine

The corn drying machine uses hot air to dry corn. It can be seen from the figure that this corn dryer is a large vertical dryer. First, the workers need to transport the corn to the elevator. The lifter then sends the corn into the top of the silo. With the gravity of corn, corn will flow from top to bottom. Under the power of the fan, the hot air enters the air corner box through the air duct, and then enters the drying box.

The hot air passes through the conveyed corn in the form of cross flow, mixed flow, forward flow, countercurrent, etc. according to the design. The heat transfer between the dry hot air and the grain is realized, which makes the grain temperature rise evenly. At the same time, water in grains evaporates into steam. The water vapor follows the airflow to the exhaust box and is discharged with the exhaust gas. When the moisture content of grain meets the drying requirements, the grain discharging device of the corn drying machine starts to work and discharge the grain out of the drying box.

Corn Drying Machine For Sale
corn drying machine for sale

Technical parameter

Capacity (kg/h)>800 kg/h>800 kg/h>800 kg/h
Dryer TypeBatch type recirculating
Reduction Moisture0.5-0.8 %/h0.5-0.8 %/h0.5-0.8 %/h
Dryer Volume(cube )2037.562
Overall Weight(kg) 400060009500
Overall Dimension(mm)2900*4050*105002900*4050*122003500*4400*13330
FuelCoal, Rice Husk, Wood Chips, Gas, Diesel, etc

The above are the specific parameters of the three corn dryers. The output is more than 800 kg/h. The volume is 20 cubic meters, 37.5 cubic meters, and 62 cubic meters respectively. Fuel can be coal, rice husk, sawdust, natural gas, and diesel. Customers can choose the right corn drying equipment according to their needs. In addition to the corn drying machine, we also have corn grits milling machine and commercial corn sheller for sale.

Structure of corn dryer

This machine is composed of a PLC control system, bucket elevator, storage section, drying section, fan, air intake, grain movement section and screw conveyor.

Machine Structure
machine structure

What are the advantages of the machine?

  1. High drying efficiency. The intelligent drying technology adopted by the maize dryer can automatically adjust the drying temperature and drying time.
  2. Good drying effect. This machine can make the corn to be dried evenly heated. At the same time, the breakage rate of corn is low and the germination rate is high.
  3. Made of high-quality materials. The internal material of the corn drying equipment is 316 stainless steel, which has a long service life.
  4. The machine body adopts the electrostatic spraying paint baking process. Therefore, it has the characteristics of heat resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
  5. The corn drying machine has small investment and low use cost.
  6. The high degree of automation. Workers only need to put corn or other grains into the elevator. Then the machine can automatically control the working process.
Corn Drying Equipment
corn drying equipment

Application of multi-function corn drying machine

As mentioned above, this corn dryer is a multi-functional machine. Therefore, it can also become a grain dryer. In addition to drying corn, this machine can also dry rice, soybeans, wheat, buckwheat, barley, millet, corn, mung beans, sunflower seeds, red beans, black beans, broad beans, sorghum, rapeseed, etc.


What temperature should you dry corn?

The temperature of the corn dryer depends on the moisture. Generally, we can use a moisture tester to test the moisture content of the corn. If the corn moisture is more than 30%, then the temperature needs to be adjusted higher, usually at 300 to 350 degrees. If the water is below 30%, then the temperature of the corn drying machine should be set at 300 degrees. Of course, this is just a reference value. The specific temperature setting is related to many factors such as the speed of the equipment and the amount of feed.

At what moisture is corn dry?

When corn is harvested, it has a moisture content of about 24-25%. However, these values can vary depending on climatic conditions and the stage of maturity of the product. The moisture evaporation rate of Taizé corn dryers is high. Corn and other grains can reach a moisture evaporation rate of 0.8% and a seed germination rate of 86%. Other types of grain drying equipment can only reach 0.7%, and seed germination is not guaranteed.