Maize drying machine have become the most common machine used in major grain handling plants. Corn drying machine is also considered to be the best way to dry corn. But many owners of grain processing plants do not know the importance of controlling the temperature of maize drying machine. In this article, we will explain why it is important to control the temperature of the maize drying machine.

Maize Drying Machine
maize drying machine

The effect of the drying process on the quality of corn

The main purpose of drying is to reduce the moisture of corn. In addition to removing a large amount of moisture during the corn drying process, corn also destroys the inherent quality of corn to some extent. The main components of corn are starch, protein, and fat. When the drying temperature is too high, it will make the starch and protein, etc. paste and denaturation, thus losing the original nutrients. Therefore, the mastery of the drying temperature of the maize drying machine is crucial to the impact of corn quality.

Effect on starch

The starch content contained in corn is 60% to 70%. Starch is composed of starch granules of different sizes. Generally, starch does not dissolve in cold water, but in hot water. Starch swells when it dissolves in water and changes less significantly below 57°C. When the temperature exceeds 57°C, especially when the drying temperature is too high, the phenomenon of corn starch pasting may occur. This causes changes in the structure of the corn, and the steaming viscosity decreases, making it less likely to form a dough. Also, it loses flavor and has a sticky tooth image when consumed.

Effect on protein and enzymes

The protein content in corn is about 11%. It is a hydrophilic colloid with high heat sensitivity. At high temperatures, corn is denatured and its ability to absorb water and swell is reduced. The higher the temperature, the greater the degree of denaturation. The temperature should be strictly controlled when drying. This is the key to preserving the quality of water reduction.

Enzymes are a special kind of protein. Corn is a seed, a living organism. All its biochemical processes are catalyzed and regulated by various enzymes. The activity of enzymes increases with the temperature, however, when the temperature exceeds 55°C, the activity of enzymes starts to decrease. If the temperature of the maize drying machine continues to rise, the enzymes may denature and the activity is destroyed.

Effect on fat

The fat in corn does not change significantly at temperatures below 50°C. If the temperature is above 60°C, the fat will be acidified by oxidation and the fat decomposes into fatty acids. Higher drying temperatures will increase the fatty acid value of corn. Corn with high fatty acid value is not easy to store, and the taste becomes sour and the quality is reduced.

Effect on vitamins

The vitamins in corn are A, B, E, D, and C. When the temperature exceeds 50°C, the vitamins E, B and C will change. Therefore, it is important to master the drying temperature when drying. Too high a temperature will cause the vitamins to be destroyed.

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