Fresh corn sheller belt is an indispensable accessory of agricultural machinery. It is also the “bridge” between the engine and the corresponding parts. Therefore, it plays a very important role in agricultural machinery. In ordinary times, pay more attention to its wear condition, replace it in time, and maintain it well, so that the sweet corn thresher can operate more smoothly. The maintenance can be started from the following aspects:

Sweet Corn
sweet corn

Loading and unloading fresh corn sheller

Before installation, check whether the driving wheel, passive wheel and tensioning wheel of the fresh corn sheller are on the same plane. Generally speaking, when the center distance between two pulleys is less than 1m, the allowable deviation is 2-3 mm. The allowable deviation is 3~4mm when the center distance is greater than 1m. If the deviation is too large, it shall be adjusted to meet the requirements before installation and tensioning.

During loading and unloading, the tensioning wheel shall be loosened first, or the wheel disc at the infinitely variable speed end shall be dismounted first. Then install or remove the tape. When the new V-belt is too tight for loading and unloading, remove a pulley first. Install the belt pulley after putting on or removing the V-belt. Hard unloading is not allowed. Generally, the V-belt shall be unloaded after the pulley is removed.

Fresh Corn Sheller
fresh corn sheller


The tension of the drive belt is adjusted by the tensioning wheel. If the belt is too tight, the belt will be seriously worn, and if it is too loose, it is easy to slip, causing serious wear and even burning of the V-belt. Generally, when the distance between two wheels is about 1 m, press the middle of the triangle belt with your finger, and it should drop 10~20 mm vertically. During use, check the tension of the V-belt and adjust it at any time.


The triangle belt shall be replaced in time after failure. If the V-belts of several fresh corn shellers are used together, if one or part of them fails, the other several shall be replaced at the same time, and the new and old belts cannot be used together.