We should select corn seeder machine according to different operation requirements. At the same time, we also should consider the operation performance, reliability, safety, and adaptability of the machine.

Small Corn Planter Machine
small corn planter machine

How to choose the best corn seeder machine?

  1. Select a suitable matching planter according to the power of the existing tractor. For example, 36.75 kW, 4-6 rows of maize planting machine should be selected. For 8.82 ~ 13.23 kW, 2 ~ 3 rows of corn seeders shall be selected.
  2. Select different types of seeders according to the height of wheat stubble. For example, when harvesting wheat with large-scale corn harvester, the stubble height is generally more than 20 cm. And the high clearance iron stubble corn seeder machine can be selected. After harvesting by the large-scale combine harvester, if the straw is chopped and returned to the field by the straw chopping and returning machine. Or a combine with a straw chopping device. At the same time, the straw is chopped and scattered on the ground. The corn seeder with a grass separating device shall be selected for sowing.
  3. Choose machines produced by regular manufacturers to obtain better quality. This kind of machinery has good working performance and reliable use. It has a good reputation in the market. And the after-sales service is guaranteed.
  4. Special attention should be paid to safety when selecting corn seeder machine. When purchasing the maize planting machine, check whether the transmission part of the maize planter is equipped with a safety shield. Whether there are safety warning signs at dangerous parts. Check whether the seeder has potential danger, whether the fastening bolts are loose, and whether the frame is welded firmly.
Maize Planter With Tractor
maize planter with tractor

Considerations for selecting a corn planter

  • Test run. Check, adjust and test run the corn planting equipment before operation. Only when the technical condition is confirmed to be good can the operation be carried out.
  • The spacing zone between the fertilizer and the seed should be 4 ~ 6 cm. In this way, the phenomenon of seed burning caused by the mixing of seed and fertilizer can be avoided.
  • Determine the sowing amount and depth according to the land quality and the output of the Department. At the same time, it is also necessary to adjust the sowing depth according to the soil moisture at the time of sowing. Generally 3 ~ 5cm is suitable. When the clay or soil is too wet, 2.5 ~ 4 cm is preferable. When the soil moisture is insufficient, the sowing depth shall be appropriately increased. It shall be ensured that the sowing amount is appropriate, the depth is consistent, the soil is covered tightly, the suppression is moderate. And there is no lack of seedlings and monopoly.
  • Strictly follow the operating procedures of the corn seeder machine. Observe the surrounding dynamics when starting up. When sowing, do not reverse, do not stop at will, and keep steady and straight. The replacement line spacing shall be consistent, and the fertilizer and seed transmission pipes shall be kept unblocked. Prevent and control the lack of seedlings and short seeds. In case of any abnormality, stop the corn seeder machine for adjustment.