With the increasing variety of corn food, the original method can no longer meet the needs of industrialization. Now more and more people choose high-efficiency corn grits machine to help production. The maize grits making machine can meet the processing needs of customers for corn deep processing equipment.

Structure of corn grits machine

The new corn grits making machine is composed of four parts: a peeling system, crushing system, grading system, and air network dedusting system. The utility model solves the problem that there are many drill cars and impurities in the traditional corn grits processing equipment. It also solved technical problems such as slow emissions. It is a very advanced corn grits production equipment at present.

Corn Grits Machine
corn grits machine

Advantages of new corn grits making machine

The new corn milling process can combine the shelling system with the milling system. The pulverizing system is driven by power, which saves space and reduces investment. Put the whole corn into the shelling system for treatment and cleaning. The quality of corn flour is mainly controlled by the peeling accuracy control system, and it is molded at one time. The corn flour enters the corn flour grading system after shelling and sterilization. Corn flour is controlled by gears, so there can be two different kinds of corn flour.

The function of the corn grinder

In the maize grits manufacturing process, the grinder is irreplaceable equipment. The grinder is the main power for grinding. With the increase in treatment time and friction time. It is inevitable that high temperatures will be generated by corn grinding. At this time, it is possible to ensure the normal operation of the corn grits machine only when the machine is properly lubricated. The machine can also produce corn flour at the same time, and can produce corn flour of different specifications through a cooperative production process.

Commercial Maize Grinder
commercial maize grinder


Therefore, for our corn processing plant, the corn grits machine is undoubtedly an indispensable machine in the corn processing machinery. If you need this machine, please feel free to contact us. We will reply to you as soon as possible.