With the increasing variety of corn food, the traditional methods can not meet the needs of industrialization. Therefore, a high-efficiency corn grits machine came into being. It can effectively reduce manual operation. But also can meet the processing needs of corn deep processing. An automatic corn gritting machine can greatly save manpower, material, and financial resources!

Structure of maize grits machine

Taizy new type corn grits making machine is the main processing equipment for making corn grits and corn flour. It consists of four parts: peeling system, crushing system, classification system, and dust removal system. So, it solves the problems of impurities and noise in traditional corn grits processing equipment. It maintains the traditional double import. It can effectively reduce mechanical wear, prolong the service life of the machine and keep the machine in good working condition. At the same time, it is also a very advanced corn grits processing equipment.

Ph Corn Grinder Machine
PH corn grinder machine

What is the corn grits manufacturing process?

The new corn milling technology has both hulling system and a milling system. The pulverizing system is driven by power. The specific work process is to put the corn into the shelling system for treatment, cleaning, shelling, and laying a good foundation. Then take out the germ and remove about half of the corn kernels and cornmeal. The quality of corn flour is mainly controlled by the peeling precision control system. And is formed at one time. The corn flour enters the corn flour grading system after peeling and sterilization. The grading system of maize grits machine is controlled by gears, so there can be two different grits and one corn meal.

Finished Products
finished products

Maize grits machine is irreplaceable equipment in the grinding process. Grinding machine is the main power of grinding. As the treatment time increases, the friction time increases, and the temperature will inevitably rise. However, our corn grits making machine will not have this problem. It can simultaneously produce corn flour and corn grits of different specifications. For corn processing plants, the maize grits machine is undoubtedly the best choice!