In the agricultural sector, efficiency is key to maximizing yield and profits. The automatic corn sheller machine has emerged as a revolutionary tool, streamlining the process of corn harvesting and grain separation. At Taizy Maize Machinery, we take pride in presenting our cutting-edge Model 5TD-1000, designed to elevate your corn processing capabilities.

Automatic Corn Sheller Machine
automatic corn sheller machine

How Automatic Corn Sheller Machine Works?

Our automatic corn sheller machine operates on a sophisticated principle, harnessing the power of technology to simplify the arduous task of corn harvesting. The intricate working mechanism revolves around the utilization of rubber rollers that exert pressure and friction on the corn cobs, facilitating the effortless detachment of grains from the corn core. Subsequently, a combination of centrifugal force, generated by the air blower, and meticulously designed sieves ensures the separation of grains from impurities.

Electric Corn Sheller
electric corn sheller

Technical Specifications of the 5TD-1000 Model

When it comes to performance, the 5TD-1000 model stands out with its impressive specifications:


Boasting a corn processing capacity of 2-4t/h, and 1-2t/h for sorghum and millet, our machine is adaptable to diverse agricultural needs. Additionally, it efficiently processes soybeans at a rate of 0.5-0.8t/h.


The heart of our machine is a robust 12HP diesel engine, ensuring a consistent and reliable power source.

Main Shaft Speed

Operating at a speed range of 550–620rpm, the main shaft ensures optimal performance, enhancing the overall efficiency of the corn shelling process.


Equipped with three sieves, each tailored to specific grain sizes – φ18mm for corn, φ6mm for sorghum and millet, and φ12mm for soybeans – our machine guarantees precision in separating different crops.

Weight and Dimensions

Weighing in at 650kg, the 5TD-1000 model exhibits a compact design with overall dimensions of 3400x2100x1980mm, making it a versatile and space-efficient solution for various agricultural settings.


For added convenience, the packing size is 2800x740x1400mm, ensuring ease of transportation and storage.

Our Stock
our stock

Benefits of Choosing Taizy Maize Machinery

By opting for Taizy Maize Machinery’s automatic corn sheller machine, farmers can unlock a myriad of benefits:

Increased Productivity

The high processing capacity of our machine translates to a significant boost in productivity. Whether you are dealing with corn, sorghum, millet, or soybeans, the 5TD-1000 model ensures a seamless and rapid corn shelling process.

Versatility in Crop Processing

With adaptable sieves catering to different grain sizes, our machine is a versatile solution for farmers dealing with multiple crops. From corn to soybeans, it offers a tailored approach to crop processing.

Reliable Power Source

The 12HP diesel engine serves as a reliable powerhouse, ensuring continuous and efficient operation. This guarantees farmers a steady and uninterrupted workflow during the critical harvesting seasons.

Compact Design for Convenience

The compact and thoughtfully designed dimensions make the 5TD-1000 model suitable for a range of agricultural environments. Its portability facilitates easy transportation and storage.

Widely Application
widely application

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Are you looking for an efficient automatic corn threshing machine? If so, please feel free to contact us. Taizy Maize Machinery’s 5TD-1000 automatic corn sheller machine emerges as a game-changer in the realm of agricultural technology. With its innovative working mechanism, robust specifications, and a myriad of benefits, it is poised to elevate the efficiency and productivity of farmers across diverse agricultural landscapes. Embrace the future of corn processing with Taizy Maize Machinery – your trusted partner in agricultural innovation.