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About Us

Taizy corn machinery plant is a reliable corn machinery factory. Since its establishment in 2011, our machinery has been exported to the United States, Canada, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, the Philippines, India, South Korea, Mexico, and other countries. Have rich experience in mechanical production and export.

Main Corn Machines

The main corn machinery categories include corn planters, corn harvesters, corn threshers, and corn milling machines.

Hot Products

The following is the hot corn processing machinery of our company

Electric Corn Sheller Machine For Sale

Multifunctional Maize Thresher Machine for Sale

The multifunctional maize thresher machine is a machine for threshing maize, soybeans,....

Trailed Corn Silage Cutting Machine

Corn Silage Harvester | Straw Harvester

The corn silage harvester is mainly a machine that uses the blades....

Corn Dryer Machine

Corn Drying Machine | Corn Dryer for Sale

Corn drying machine is a machine used to dry corn. It can....

Corn Flour Making Machine

Corn Hammer Mill Machine for Grinding Maize, Rice and Wheat

Corn hammer mill machine is a kind of crushing equipment specially used....

2 Row Sweet Corn Planter

2 Row Sweet Corn Planter | Sweet Corn Seeder

Sweet corn planter is a machine that can sow seeds on sweet....

Fresh Corn Thresher Machine

Sweet Corn Sheller | Fresh Corn Sheller Machine

Sweet corn sheller is a machine that obtains corn kernels from fresh....

Small Corn Sheller

Maize Sheller | High Quality Corn Thresher

Maize sheller is the equipment used to dry corn kernels. The corn....

Maize Planter Machine

Maize Planter | Corn Planter for Tractor

Maize planter is a planting machine that takes corn seeds as the....

Taizy Maize Grits Milling Machine

Maize Grits Milling Machine | Corn Grit Machine

Maize grits milling machine is a common corn processing equipment. As multifunctional....

Why Choose Us?

High quality products

We promise that the corn machines we sell are machines that have been tested many times. Therefore, the quality of the machine is trusted by customers.

Fast delivery service

Since corn machinery is the main agricultural machinery of our company. Therefore, there is sufficient stock in the factory. This means that we can deliver the goods at the first time.

Guaranteed after-sales service

Taizy corn machinery has not only good pre-sales service, but also after-sales service worth mentioning. When customers encounter problems with the use of machines, we will reply in time to solve the problems for customers.


Maize processing machinery has been exported to the United States, Canada, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, the Philippines, India, South Korea, Mexico and other countries.


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