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Best quality and large capacity of hydroponic fodder machine fodder grass machine

Automatic bean sprouts machine, is a high-tech personnel and vegetable cultivation experts jointly developed, beautiful fashion, durable! Domestic exclusive use of computer control system, while the first bean sprouts on the use of ozone sterilization technology. Automatic bean curd machine, automatic temperature control, automatic shower, to achieve fully automated production, with time-saving, labor, low energy consumption, no pollution, no noise, etc., on behalf of the current bean sprouts production equipment, the highest level.




Applications of hydroponic fodder machine:

Get used to make soybean, black bean, mung bean, broad bean, etc. The size of the bean sprout is adjustable according to your needs.


Main introduction of hydroponic fodder machine:  

1.The machine core uses the Ministry of Electronics Industry Development of temperature control chip, which can carry dozens of probes, the sensitivity was very similar products in Japan.

2.This machine has a full featured, temperature control accurate, large capacity, high yield, resistance to corrosion, difficult to damage, operation and maintenance is simple and convenient, without someone to look after and so on. The performance of all aspects of life are better than similar products.


3.This machine uses fully closed, automatic temperature control equipment, bean cycle of investment and production batches. Sprouts can be produced each day 100~800 kg (specific output may be required any control). The direct use of lighting power, high and low voltage is not sensitive, free from seasonal climate, geographical location and environmental impacts, can be producedall year round.


Advantages of hydroponic fodder machine: 

1. LCD computer control with temperature and watering, easy ,accurate and efficient.
2. Sprouts growing period is shot,student shoot fast,quality,uniform and full.
3. The bean is suitable for hotels, guest houses, offices canteen, small food blocks.
4. Using automatic installation, no need to hand management.


The cultivated tree buds are fragrant, the hoe is easy to maintain, the bean sprouting machine, the pepper brain and the pea tip, the pepper tip, the buddha tip and so on. The body sprouting method is a variety of bean sprouting machine. The key technology for cultivation is to obtain nutrients that grow robustly and store rich nutrients. For example, the nutrient maintenance of the products such as fleshy roots and shoots is convenient for the bean sprouts machine, mainly relying on seeds. Or nutrients accumulated in vegetative organs such as rhizomes, easy maintenance on cultivation management. Soybean sprouts machines generally do not need to be fertilized. Only in a suitable temperature environment to ensure their water supply, sprouts, shoots, young or young stems can be cultivated.



Green environmental sprouting machine maintenance is convenient, time and labor saving bean sprouts machine

1. And most of them are short of growth cycle, rarely infected with pests and diseases, and do not need to use pesticides. Since most of the sprouts are more resistant to low temperature and low light, it is convenient to use the germination machine, so it can be cultivated in the open field, and the facility can be cultivated and maintained conveniently. The bean sprouting machine can be used for soil flat cultivation or soilless maintenance. Three-dimensional cultivation; in addition, the maintenance of "greening", "semi-softening" and "softening" products under different light or dark conditions is convenient for the production of bean sprouts machine.

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